Sunday, January 20, 2013

Taman Safari Indonesia II Prigen (the most popular zoo)

Taman Safari II Prigen is one of the bigest Safari Park in Asia. In this place you will find animals that conservated like Sumatra's elepants and the wild ox of Java. Taman Safari II Prigen is located in Ntional Park Arjuno Mountain-Pasuruan-East Java-Indonesia. Not only animals but also a beautiful view will you found.
Safari Park has many kind of animals from 5 continents. Safari Park II Prigen has 350 hectar with a adventure packet. Taman Safari II Prigen also available not only the biggest zoo but also water park. So you can choose the packet for zoo only or both of them. In Taman Safari II Prigen Zoo, first you will see the animals who lived in 5 continents like Asia, Africa, America, Australia, and Europe. You can take an adventure in there with drive your car or take a bus that offered by their official. So, natural adventure!!! you can give the animals foods by your self but definitely with official guide.
After take adventure with animals in 5 continents, You can more relax with many of areas and more shows like baby zoo which offers monkey baby's, tiger baby's, snake, and more. And you can take a picture with them.
Taman Safari II Prigen offers you many of shows like Sumatran Elepant Education Show, Sumatra Tiger Education Show, Bird of Pray Show, Dolphin Education Show, and the biggest Stuntmanshows in South East Asia. I loved the shows that they are offered, and my favourite is stuntmanshows because it full of actions and make my heart pumps. The shows are full of education, it will perfect for your child. They can have fun but still learn in there. Not only you who can travel but also your child.
In Taman Safari II Prigen not stop to offer more and more, You can enjoy with safari ride and fun zone. If you are hungry, you can eats and drinks in cafetaria not far from the areas. You can easily to go there because there is many of instruction and you just follow them. The air is so fresh like when you in mountain, no pollution. But you must ready the rain equipments, because the weather is easy going to rain. You can go there at 8.30 am up to 05.00 pm. The ticket is cost sixty five thousands up to seventy thousands rupiah's and one hundred thousands rupiah's if you are foreign tourist

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